Ten things you ignored about caffeine

Being a powerful source of energy and concentration for many people around the world, caffeine hasn’ t revealed all of its secrets.

However, even if it is related to insomnia and tension in many cases, caffeine can be really beneficial.

Ten of its secrets:

1. “Decaffeination” doesn’ t mean “without caffeine”, it’s just the removal of most caffeine.

2. Caffeine starts to be “active” in around 30 minutes and sometimes even earlier.

3. Caffeine does not affect everyone the same way. Every human reacts differently.

4. Energy drinks contain less caffeine than coffee.

5. Dark, roasted coffee has less caffeine than the lightly roasted.

6. Caffeine can be found in more than 60 plants.

7. Caffeine is not found in coffees at the same percentage.

8. The average American consumes around 200 mg of caffeine daily.

9. The country with the highest consumption of caffeine is Finland.

10. Caffeine can also be found in chocolates or drugs.





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